Howard Langston, Division Manager, takes you through our flagship product, Intranet Quorum (IQ) and how it provides your office with the tools to sustain and grow your constituent engagement. Inspired by machine learning and natural language generation, IQ organizes vast stores of data in minutes.
...and to those campaigns still waiting on results to be counted and certified, hang tight and good luck! Leidos has been supporting new and returning Members of Congress as well as elected officials all around the country for decades.
In August, Marketing Associate, Jacqueline Van Dao, began her new journey with Leidos! Starting a new job is always exciting, but adding a pandemic to the transition can be even more challenging. Read about her onboarding process.

Skype, Teams, WebEx or Zoom?

September 23, 2020

Peter Blair, senior IT Consultant in our Federal, State and Local practice shares observations on connecting with customers, building relationships and helping foster client success while working remotely. And the technology he's been using to do just that.

How Encrypted Web Forms Can Help Your Office

Web forms & how to use them to your advantage

August 19, 2020

Web forms many not be the flashiest tool out there but they are perhaps the most reliable, versatile and secure tools in your digital toolbox.

Why We Redesigned Our Website and You Should Too

How we redesigned our website to be more user-friendly and engaging.

July 14, 2020

Leidos DSI is excited to announce that we’ve launched a new website! With the help of our web team at GSL Solutions, we put together a new site to highlight our product offerings, support resources, and other content for our customers. Because our team builds websites for our customers on a regular basis, we wanted to walk the walk and show how they were able to find unique solutions to the challenges we faced in redesigning our website. So, here are some reasons why we chose to redesign our website and you should too.
Each year we develop new and innovative features to help your office serve constituents as efficiently as possible with IQ. From configuring the home page to fit your staff role, to utilizing new functionality like the Advocacy Center, Screen Pop, and A/B testing, here are some features you may not know exist in IQ and how you can take advantage of them.