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Offices are strategically using data to communicate with constituents about COVID-19 and CARES Act resources. We offer several different packages of voter data to help you narrow down your audience to the exact group of people you want to message based on over 900 data points including ideology, demographic data, special interests, and more. (See more examples here.)

Watch our webinar on L2 voter data and read our guide to available voter data lists and some examples of how you can use this data to target and engage with your citizens during this critical time.

Purchasing Options

Leidos DSI offers fully-vetted voter data enriched with over 900 data points to help you understand exactly who you’re targeting and what their key interests and concerns are. You can use these insights to create highly targeted outreach to your constituents. Read on for purchasing options and how to leverage your new data package.

A. Full Voterfile

  • Phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses,

  • Access to ConstituentMapping, an interactive digital mapping tool

  • Quarterly data refreshes

B. One-Time Phone List

  • Every landline and cell phone for registered voters

C. One-Time Email List

  • All known emails for registered voters

D. One-Time List

Outreach Strategies

Once you refresh your data, it’s time to plan your outreach to start reaching as many of your constituents as soon as possible. Here are a few ways that offices are currently engaging constituents during COVID-19.


Target specific constituents with email and survey outreach using your new data lists.

Idea: Send a survey to see how constituents' employment has been impacted by COVID-19.

Follow these email best practices to make sure that your email is delivered and avoids inbox spam filters.

Digital Advertising

Start a digital advertising campaign to promote an upcoming telephone town hall or advertise available resources to your constituents.

Idea: Target low income households and proactively message ways your office can help with COVID-19 resources.

Watch our recent webinar on digital advertising to learn more about our technology and what your office can do to run an effective campaign.

Text Messaging

Text messaging is another effective way to capture subscriber opt-ins and keep your constituents updated on COVID-19 developments.

Idea: Send a text blast to constituents to promote upcoming small business webinars or telephone town halls.

Read more about how texting can help engage your citizens.

Telephone Town Halls

Telephone town halls allow you to engage large audiences and interact with individual constituents by answering questions and giving updates in real time. Use targeted data lists to reach a specific group in your district and tailor an event specifically for them.

Idea: Hold a telephone town hall on education resources for families by targeting voters ages 20-50 with children in your district to ensure that they have access to everything they need.

Click here for a breakdown of telephone town hall pricing during COVID-19.

Printed Mailing

Our partners at DOTGOV have put together several COVID-19 and CARES Act related templates to help your office send out a printed mailer as soon as possible. Our voter data even identifies voters who read their mail! Pull a list of mail readers and send them a letter on CARES Act resources using one of our printed mail templates.

Idea: Send a COVID-19 trifold brochure to highly engaged constituents by building a universe of individuals modeled as those who read everything they receive in the mail.

Check out what DOTGOV has to offer.

View our infographic and email to talk about purchasing voter data and optimizing your outreach. Looking for other ways to engage your constituents? Check out our recent blog on communicating during COVID-19.