How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Four tips for increasing traffic to your Member or Committee website.

May 14, 2019

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Thanks to everyone who made it to our Web Design Workshop last night! We hope you had a great time chatting with us about branding, social media, and web forms. If you weren't able to make it to the event or want to learn a little more, here are some tips for driving traffic to your website.

Utilize Social Media

While social media is constantly changing, there are a few timeless things you can do to stay on top of your social channels and, in turn, drive traffic to your website. The biggest tip, no matter what platform you are on, is to post as often and as consistently as possible. Don't be afraid to use the pages of your website as content for social posts, when things are slow on the Hill. Take a common question that constituents ask about, such as how to submit a tour request, and give them the answer through Twitter, Facebook, etc. This will not only engage your constituents and drive traffic to your site but may also save your staff some future work. It's also important to make the content on your website easily shareable so that constituents themselves can post it to their social channels and bring a whole new audience to your site.

Want to learn more? Check out our blog on Social Media Best Practices for Congressional Offices

Develop a Recognizable Brand

Whether it's a logo or color scheme, it's important to have visual elements that constituents can associate with your office. Incorporate simple yet memorable graphics into your website, social channels, enewsletters, etc. to make your office's brand more recognizable to its constituents. Updating and beautifying your brand, will make your constituents' website experience that much more enjoyable and keep them coming back for more.

Refer People to Your Site

The simplest way to get constituents to your website is by directly referring them there. It can be as simple as addressing a constituent's comment, question, or concern and adding, "You can find out more on our website: (insert link here)." Whether it's by phone, email, or Twitter DM, you want to give your constituents the resources they need rather than making them search on their own. For constituents who you aren't directly interacting with but may follow you on social media or subscribe to your newsletter, be sure to include a link at the bottom of your email and in your social media profiles so it's there when they need it. 

Rebrand & Relaunch

If you're still thinking, "What else can I do?" Then it may be time to give your website a brand new look. A new logo for your office and a new layout for your site might be just the thing to keep constituents coming back. When it comes to Congressional websites, it's important to make the user experience simple but also interactive. When a constituent visits your site their eyes should be immediately guided towards something, whether it's a video to watch or a form to fill out.

As you may know already, through a recent partnership we are now the exclusive sellers of the HillTop Content Management System (CMS) in the House. HillTop is user friendly and easily customizable, so you and your staff will have no problem maintaining the website after launch. And, as a CMS designed to service large government organizations, HillTop allows us to create quick-to-launch templates that can get your beautiful new site up and running in a matter of days. Ready to learn more? Visit our new web services site and schedule a on-on-one meeting with our web experts to talk HillTop, web forms, rebranding, and more!