Know Your Voters: A Guide to L2 ConstituentMapping and HaystaqDNA

Watch our demo to learn everything your office needs to know about our voter data offering.

October 9, 2019

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Thanks to everyone who joined our demo on L2 ConstituentMapping and HaystaqDNA. If you or the rest of your office missed it, don’t worry! You can watch the recording of the webinar and read on for more highlights of our voter data offering.

L2 ConstituentMapping

L2’s constituent analysis and data selection tool, ConstituentMapping, allows users to visually display detailed demographic and consumer data on the voters in their district down to the street level. To create a list of voters, users can draw a circle or polygon shape around a geographic area or create a universe based on data points, such as income, education, occupation, voting frequency, hobbies, and much more. You can also use this interactive mapping tool to create a random sample of 499 voters for hypertargeted outreach during blackout periods or for enewsletters, telephone town halls, texting, and Franked mail. Generate a report on your universe to further analyze and share with your colleagues.

Our custom API allows data to flow securely and directly between the ConstituentMapping platform and IQ. All you have to do is create and save your universe, import the list into IQ, and then use your new list to send a targeted outreach. As an added bonus, IQ will automatically compare the new universe to existing contact records, then update and remove duplicates accordingly to help keep your data clean!


Buy emails to go with our standard voters files of names, addresses, phone numbers, and demographic data. We get our email addresses from opt-in sources and test them for deliverability, so we can match fully-vetted email address with about 25-50% of the voters in your district.

Contact your IQ representative for pricing on our one-time update, 12-month, and 24-month data plans.


Get access to over 900 predictive data points on your voters with HaystaqDNA. This dataset is the product of tens of thousands of survey responses from voters to create the most comprehensive set of constituent issue and behavioral models available. Learn how your voters feel about timely hot button issues and apply that knowledge to your targeted outreach strategy.

Remember: Meaningful engagement starts with reliable constituent information. Update and supplement your data not just to reach your constituents but to gain deeper insight on them. Contact your IQ representative or email to talk about updating your data today!