Opening Your District Office

Use this checklist to guide your staff through the process of opening a District Office. Click here (link only accessible from inside House network) to view a detailed handbook provided by the House.

  1. Find office space immediately after the election.
    • Contact the General Services Administration (GSA) for help securing office space and to arrange equipment and furniture delivery.
    • Contact the Administrative Council at 202-225-6969 to get approval for your lease.
  2. Contact First Call at 202-225-8000 for help ordering equipment, furniture and office supplies.
  3. Contact the Wide Area Network (WAN) Team at 202-226-0260 for information about data services in your new District Office.
  4. Contact the Technology Service Desk at 202-225-6002 to learn about your options for connecting District Office computers to the Washington, DC network.
  5. Contact Telecommunications at 202-225-6002 to arrange wiring and arrange for phone installation.
  6. Activate Utilities by working with your landlord, through GSA or directly with the local utility company.

Standing Up Your District Office

Once you have secured your lease and have confirmed a move-in date, contact us to schedule an installation appointment with a Leidos House IT Service engineer. 

Before Installation

To ensure a timely and successful installation, please be sure to have the following items in place before your appointment:

  • House MPLS router (ordered through House WAN at least 30 days ahead of time)
  • Internet service confirmed active
  • Cabling with all necessary data jacks for computers and network printers
  • Staff available to be onsite during the appointment

Other Information

  • If you have staff who will need remote system access, each individual will need an RSA token. RSA tokens can be ordered directly through the House CAO Technology Services or our team can assist in ordering.
  • Click here (link only accessible from inside House network) to look up the CAO team assigned to your office.
  • For District Office staff who need to transfer and email Inbox from a previous Member office to your new office, they are required to fill out a Mailbox Reassignment Form.  Download it here.
  • For information on our House IT Services (HITS), view our HITS plan information here.