Access Live

Access Live events are the telephone town hall for the digital age. Connect with thousands of citizens live, on any device they choose—an internet connection is all they need.  Include interactive elements like real-time polls and live streaming video and then import all data into IQ (or another CRM) free of charge after your event.

Boost Engagement

Access Live events are an efficient way to reach out to, engage with, and gather feedback from your audience about important issues, programs and breaking news. Access Live events can be held anywhere you are, to anywhere your audience is –any place with a phone and internet connection will work!  Engage with constituents however they connect using Access Live:

40% of adults in the USA have a landline in their homes.

Mobile Devices
95% of Americans own a mobile phone.  77% of those devices are smartphones.

73% of adults use broadband internet service at home.

Social Media
80%+ of adults, ages 18-60 use at least one social media platform.

78% of adults own a desktop or laptop computer that they use multiple times a week.


Access Live Features

In addition to the baseline Access Live functionality that puts you in touch with thousands of citizens from the comfort of your office, we offer a number of dynamic features at no extra charge that make your event stand out:

Full Website Integration
We work directly with you or your web vendor to create a new landing page just for your event where you can collect registrations, preview the content of your event, stream the event live when it begins and post audio and video highlights from past events.

Social Center
Create shareable content form highlights happening in real-time during your event with the Social Center.  Grab and keep your audience's attention throughout the event by instantaneously posting video clips on Facebook and Twitter.

Live Produced Video & Equipment
Turn your Access Live event into a live video event with ease. We provide the audio/video equipment plus a dedicated production specialist and live streaming on your website, Facebook and YouTube.  


Flexible Pricing

Access Live events are one of most affordable, efficient ways to connect personally with your citizens.  Choose from one of two featured packages or create a custom experience by picking from our list of a la carte features.  Beyond the feature set you select, pricing is based on the size of your audience so you only pay for the actual event attendees. Don't forget that all data you capture before and during the event like contact information and answers poll questions is automatically organized and imported into IQ at no extra charge.  Using a CRM system other than IQ?  No problem.  We'll still provide you with a document containing all event data that you can then import into your CRM of choice.