Empowering Public Officials

Leidos DSI serves over 50% of United States governors' offices plus mayors' offices in cities and towns in every corner of the country. Our IT solutions are designed with the flexibility to serve public sector organizations of every shape and size. 

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IQ Supports Every Function in Your Office


Manage your mail powerfully 

IQ comes with various templates to process citizen service requests such as: 

 Public Information Requests

 Grant Applications

 Document Management 

 Case Tracking

 Public Assistance Requests 

Manage all municipal political affairs on the same platform.

Get the best of both worlds with IQ's integration with Microsoft Outlook and Eventbrite.

Easily track, assign, and complete special requests from citizens like birthdays, holidays, and more.

Social Media 
Track engagement trends, monitor audience growth, watch trending topics and more with IQ's in-depth integration.

Delivering World-Class Citizen Engagment 

Email Campaigns & Surveys

Easily build custom outbound content like eNewsletters, press releases, and surveys, optimize performance through A/B testing, and analyze key performance indicators such as open rates, click-throughs, and bounce backs after every send.

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Social Media Integration

IQ offers a comprehensive integration with leading social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Monitor your channels, review analytics, and store and respond to social media messages all without leaving IQ.

Correspondence Tracking

IQ tracks every interaction you have with the public--whether it’s a phone call, email, social media message, or letter. IQ makes it easy to group and sort similar messages and tracks your responses to suggest language based on your previous responses.

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