Quorum Analytics is an innovative new platform that puts the world's most comprehensive legislative database at your fingertips.  Developed at Harvard, based on a computational biochemistry modeling technologies Quorum Analytics is a transformational platform that helps elected officials identify key players on specific issues, discover key stakeholders and expand legislative coalitions.

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Comprehensive Legislative Tracking

Easy Access
Quickly access bills, votes, Tweets, Facebook posts, press releases, floor statements, hearing schedules and transcripts, committee reports, Dear Colleague letters, CRS reports, and more.

Personalized Notifications
Receive immediate, hourly, daily or weekly email alerts that are fine-tuned to your intentions based on any of the information in Quorum’s database.

Stay Updated
Bill text comparison allows you to effortlessly highlight additions, subtractions, and modifications to every bill so you never miss a thing.

Quantitative Legislative Targeting

Actionable insights help identify active stakeholders, affected citizen groups, and key relationships.

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Identify the key players
See which lawmakers are most active, influential, effective and bipartisan in every issue area so you know exactly who to include in your outreach.
Discover your stakeholders
Quickly rank all Congressional and state districts by any of the 1,000 different demographic statistics in the American Community Survey to discover which constituents are most affected by your issue.
Expand your legislative coalition
Interact with network relationship maps of lawmakers' most frequent collaborators based on cosponsored bills, votes, and mentions so you can make more informed asks of your allies.

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