District Directors work out of the district office to supervise the Casework Manager and Constituent Service Representatives. They meet one-on-one with people in the district, go to organization events, and award constituents with certificates or flags flown over the capitol. District Directors also oversee constituent outreach, manage in-district events and appearances for the Representative, maintain demographic data, track field visits, and manage affiliation codes. Watch eLearning videos we've handpicked for this role. 

Manage Special Recognition Requests

Much like Caseworkers, District Directors spend a lot of time processing constituent requests in IQ. Whether providing constituents with certificates or gold dome letterheads, staffers can manage all special recognition requests as service records in IQ.

Track Field Visits and Follow Up Correspondence

All constituent communication, whether via email or in person, can be logged in IQ and attached to the appropriate casework record. District Directors can enter field visits or track follow-up correspondence with individual constituents easily in IQ.

Screenshot of tracking field visits in IQ

Manage Affiliation Codes

Affiliation codes are assigned to contact records in IQ and are used to to identify characteristics that may be used to target specific groups for outreach, such as VIP contacts. District Directors often manage these affiliation codes, making sure they are accurate and up-to-date for effective outreach to constituents.

Build District-Specific Demographic lists

Screenshot of the robust audience builder in IQ

To send targeted outreach to constituents, staffers can easily build audiences in IQ with a wide range of criteria, including geographic data, affiliation codes, voting history, interactions with your office, and other demographic information. District Directors can use targeted lists to send enewsletters in IQ or export lists to be used for a printed mailing.

Building an Audience Guide

Customize IQ

Easily configure the IQ home screen to display tiles relevant to your role in the office.

IQ Home Screen Guide 

Screenshot of IQ homepage featuring the social media stream integration

Below is a collection of instructional videos recommended for District Directors. 


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