Leidos DSI Now Offers Digital Advertising

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May 24, 2019

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Leidos DSI is proud to offer digital advertising to our clients as another Franking-approved way to engage with constituents. Our waste-free digital advertising offering uses three hyper-accurate targeting methods for offices to promote upcoming events, announce legislative priorities, advertise constituent services, and communicate with less-engaged constituents via programmatic digital display and video ads. Considered a form of "direct mail for digital," our new digital marketing tools are a great way to supplement your office's printed mailings, but with clear and measurable results.

We use your pre-purchased voter data to precisely target households within your district using their device advertiser identifiers (or “device IDs”), a tactic that is much more accurate than cookie-based ad targeting. This strategy eliminates any guesswork and totally avoids the waste of cookie-based tactics by ensuring that all end users are within your district and that none of your budget is wasted on non-human traffic, such as bots. 

Our contextual targeting tactic allows us to serve digital display and video ad content based on the web page an end user is visiting or the keyword searches performed by that end user outside of and after the traditional search engine environments. By using proprietary webcrawling technology, your ads are served only to end user constituents who have either visited web pages or searched for terms that are most relevant to your ad content and to your target audience.

Our digital advertising offering requires minimal effort on the part of the client. You just need to provide us with your target audience, any goals you have for the ad campaign, and the budget available; and we'll take care of designing the digital display ads, getting the designs approved by Franking, and delivering your ads to your selected audience. This method of advertising has already been approved by the Franking Commission, so your ad campaign can be launched with minimal delay. Our digital strategists have a history of working with the Franking Commission to streamline the individual review and approval of each digital ad for elected officials, saving our customers time and effort in the approval process.

After the ad campaign is launched, we send our customers weekly in-depth reports to show how the target audience is engaging with the ad. Unlike physical mail, digital ads produce detailed audience insights, including what day of the week or time of day your audiences are most active online. Offices can then use this information to plan social media posts, email blasts, and other types of constituent outreach. These analytics give you a clear ROI on targeting specific audiences, which can inform current and future digital advertising.

We believe these digital advertising tools should be a part of every office’s constituent outreach effort. Our process brings an unprecedented accuracy and transparency to the previously opaque field of digital advertising. With our tools, offices can contact constituents accurately and cost-effectively, without wasting time, effort, and taxpayer money. Find out more and schedule a consultation today!