How do I sign up for IQ?
To sign up for IQ, you simply need to submit a signed contract, or Client Work Order (CWO) to Return to Top
How does the CWO process work?

Once you have submitted a signed CWO, all services you have selected will be billed directly from your MRA fund, with no monthly invoices. By default, contract terms are set for the duration of the 115th Congress. But, if you wish to change vendors at any time, the contract allows you to do this with 30 days written notice.

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If I have signed up for an IT Support Maintenance/System Admin plan with Leidos, does that mean you’ll help me stand up my district office(s) too?

Yes. When you choose our House IT Service plan (HITS) you get comprehensive support in DC and in your Disctrict Office at no extra charge.

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If I purchase a voter file from Leidos, does that mean I can have it loaded into IQ by the time I am sworn in?

Yes. In most cases, we can have data loaded into your CRM within a few days of the purchase so new Members can start their terms with brand new, fresh data.

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What additional Constituent Outreach services do you offer?
We’re proud to offer House offices a variety of outreach solutions including Telephone Town Halls, Voter Data, Web Design and Franked Mail. Each of which integrates seamlessly with IQ. Return to Top
I’ve decided to select IQ as my CRM. Now how does my staff get trained to use it?

We offer several different training options for IQ users of all skill levels, in every job function. Users can watch eLearning videos, sign up for classroom training sessions or register for an online training session.

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I used an Eventbrite calendar over on the campaign side and am looking to create a new one for my Official Office, can IQ integrate with that?

Yes. IQ is the only CRM on the Hill that integrates with Eventbrite.

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How does IQ integrate with Social Media?

IQ integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Flickr through secure APIs that allow data from each channel to flow seamlessly into IQ for tracking, analysis and responses.

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Is there any start-up cost for IQ?

No. There are no start-up costs of any kind associated with IQ.

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How do I upgrade my office’s IT equipment?

Contact our House sales team to get pricing and/or recommendations on upgrading your office’s IT equipment. If you’ve been told that you’re inheriting IQ, that means your predecessor was our customer. To choose to continue working with us, simply sign a CWO and return it to us. IQ tracks practically any type of communication your office can have with a constituent. Phone calls, email, postal mail, social media messages and even in-person visits can all be captured in IQ. We have the ability to import any contact list you provide to us but we advise that any contact list from your campaign be cleared by the Ethics Office before we import it.

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Can I use mobile phone numbers for outreach?

Yes. The FCC ruled in Summer 2016 that Congressional offices can now begin using mobile phone numbers for outreach related to official Congressional business.

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